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Anything untoward can happen in life...which is why you see all the insurance companies advertising with an umbrella or a parachute (apparent, that is protection!!)

The life insurance product in its purest form is called Term insurance. Here you insure yourself for a particular amount for a certain number of years, and you pay a premium as the price for the insurance. Should something untoward happen to you, the insured amount is paid to your family members. And if nothing happens during the years you are insured for, you typical, treat the insurance expense as an expense and move on.

These days there are lots of variant of term products: term with premium back, term with increasing cover etc etc. We believe that the product is most useful in its purest, classical form. Adding a savings element to the term policy is unnecessarily complicating it.

If you are middle aged, or if the insurance amount you require is significant, the life insurance company will ask you to undergo a medical test.

So go ahead and compare the rates of different insurance companies...and make sure that your near and dear ones do not run into financial trouble should something untoward happen to you.

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