Glossary of Insurance Terms

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Hazardous Activities: These are activities that, if participated in may make you ineligible for coverage from the insurance carrier. Examples include, but are not limited to scuba diving, jet, snow, and water skiing, snowboarding, hang gliding, skydiving, paragliding, bungee jumping, mountain climbing, and amateur racing. Be sure to check the specific insurance company details and/or brochure for exact specifics.

My Consent Form: A required form completed by the applicant and submitted with the application for insurance. The form discloses to the applicant that the insurance company may test for the presence of HIV in the applicant's blood. By signing, the applicant acknowledges this and provides authorization for the test.

Home Office: The headquarters of an insurance company.

Home Office Urine Specimen (HOS): A full-screen urine test that an insurance company may require of applicants during the underwriting process. The HOS typically tests for the presence of alcohol, drugs or nicotine in the system, as well as medical disorders.

Health Benefit Plan: The health insurance product offered by a health plan.

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO): A legal entity that provides or arranges for a comprehensive range of basic and supplemental health care services. HMOs typically have a network of providers from which the insured must seek services. HMO's also tend to have lower out-of-pocket expenses than traditional insurance plans.

Hearing Services: The study, examination, and treatment of defects and diseases of the ear, by inspection, medical treatment and/or devices.

Home Health Care: Medical care provided by trained personnel in the patient's home for patients who do not need the more extensive treatment provided by a hospital, skilled nursing facility, or extended care facility, or for patients who are not capable of going to a medical facility for outpatient care

Hospice: A programme that provides care to the terminally ill. Hospital: A facility which is licensed by the proper authority in the jurisdiction in which they are located and provides inpatient services for the care and treatment of patients.

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