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Life is simply unpredictable. We never know what might happen to us tomorrow. What if you fall sick all of a sudden? We all know that medical expenses and hospital charges are on a high these days as it has always been. It's quite rare that we save a chunk of money from before for a knee replacement or gallbladder removal. Ask yourself, do you? Instead of wondering how can it happen to me, you must consider that a medical emergency like an accident or an ailment make take place at anytime. This is when health insurance comes into picture.

Health insurance is essential for each and every individual. It's an effective financial product which saves your money and also covers all kinds of unexpected calamities. A health insurance plan can come in handy when you need to meet emergencies of some severe accident or an ailment.

Many a times, health insurance comes connected with the custodial needs and covering disability. Insurance makes our life secure and safe from bearing any massive loss. If you look for health insurance online, you can get access to some of the best health care plans which offer peace of mind avoiding the financial strain.

The Indian health insurance companies offer affordable health insurance premium plan which cover surgeries, sudden illness, accidents and so on. With some of the insurance policies, you may even get the tax advantages under the section 80D.

All you need is to look for the companies which network with leading health insurance providers in the country. Buying through them enables you to analyze the benefits and costs from a pool of health insurance policies those matching your needs. Of course, Policy Tiger is one such service provider to count on for the high quality service.

Applying for the health insurance with the Policy Tiger is cost effective, convenient and quick. No need to fill up complex forms. All you need to fill in some basic details and Policy Tiger will bring you the best health insurance online covering cashless claims, critical illness cover, post hospitalization expenses, tax benefits and day care procedures.

In India, there are 2 types of health insurance policies: Individual health insurance and Family Health Insurance.

Individual Health Insurance

Under the individual health insurance plan, you would find health coverage is provided to children, spouse as well as parents. Make sure to choose a personal health insurance plan which helps you to buy medical and health cover for you and also for your family.

Family health insurance:

Family health insurance plan is developed keeping in mind the need to cover the entire family under a single premium.

With the convenience of finding health insurance online, Policy Tiger offers you comfortable health insurance premium plan to make sure it's convenient for you to pay out your regular premiums on time.

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